Beautiful little Grace came in at 6 days…what a little angel.

People are often surprised when I say that under 10 days after birth is the best time to come in for your newborn shoot. It is often the parents very first outing with their new baby to come into the studio. This is why we make it such a relaxing environment for parents and baby. We make the studio nice and warm, as inside the womb baby was used to 38 degrees. We also play special, constant running sounds to sooth your baby. Newborn babies love this because the baby is used to loud noises inside the womb  Рmainly blood running through your blood vessels and the movement of your stomach and intestines Рactually reaches the level of about 90 decibels (about the level of background noise in an apartment next to an elevated train).

So why under 10 days? You baby is still nice and sleepy, and babies body is still curled and flexible from being inside mum’s belly so we can get those gorgeous positions you can see little Grace in below. And lets face it, newborns only stay this tiny and sleepy for such a short period of time and change so much, that is why capturing the newborn stage is so special.

While we can’t guess the exact date you will give birth, we pencil in your due date so you can let me know as soon as you can after your baby has arrived and we can get you in within that time frame.


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