I had the pleasure of photographing super fit Beatrice who was still doing her yoga poses at 36 weeks pregnant. She continued her yoga training throughout her pregnancy and looks amazing for it! Beatrice said yoga has helped her to keep up her energy levels and feels fantastic. What an inspirational woman.

Prenatal Yoga can be an ideal way to keep up your fitness levels during pregnancy whilst nurturing your body and mind. Prenatal yoga can also increase circulation to provide more oxygen and nutrients to your baby. Techniques and poses learnt in prenatal yoga can also be used during the birthing process. *

Yoga poses in maternity photography (pregnancy photography) can add some artistic poses and great compositions.

For Beatrice’s maternity photography:

  • Beatrice wore comfortable clothes in plain colours;
  • she chose poses which she was comfortable with and were symbolic of her strength during her pregnancy;
  • we used our professional Gold Coast photography studio with professional lighting and white backdrop so as not to detract from Beatrice’s perfect figure;
  • we helped Beatrice feel relaxed and comfortable to create images that were powerful yet natural;
  • we used post production editing to create a black and white photographs to accentuate the silhouette and curves of her perfectly round belly.


* Prenatal yoga should of course always be conducted with the guidance of a qualified yoga instructor and under direction of your doctor/obstetrician. prenatal yoga, pregnancy gold coast, maternity photography

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