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Katie from Birdy flower photography has been attending the fabulous Baby Sensory classes to capture the special moments of babies experiencing all the new senses and fun…and the beautiful moments also shared between the baby and parent.
“From watching and shooting at the classes I witnessed a special bond between the parents and babies, for me to then show them what I see behind the lens is an honor. The classes are filled with laughter and learning and I wish there was something like that around when I had my babies. Lisa and Bec make the classes so much fun and are always different and educational” Katie
Katie will now be attending classes between Northern NSW and Brisbane every few months, especially for those extra special times of the year such as Easter, Christmas and the graduations of babies finishing their baby sensory experience…. very exciting!
Recent research illustrates that the most important time for development is the first year of life.


Baby sensory explores these four-
Language development – many parents experience intense frustration in understanding their baby’s signals.  Sign Language is one way of taking the guesswork out of parenting.
Physical development – although babies should always sleep on their backs, tummy time is an essential aspect of development from birth.  Babies need to be on their tummies in order to go through the fundamental movement patterns that stimulate both sides of the brain.
Social development – happy social play sets the tone for the acquisition of future skills such as cooperation, turn taking and sharing.
Emotional Development – massage is one sensory delight that really strengthens the bond because it provides an opportunity for parents to express their love.
This session also allows you to meet others with young babies and form friendships with other parents, these friendships  are  often an important part of adapting to parenthood.  Healthcare professionals often refer new parents to their local Baby  Sensory class where they support each other during the early stages of parenthood.



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Baby Sensory is a unique program that promotes baby learning and development from birth. These award winning classes will introduce you and your baby to a world of sensory delights, where you can relax, spend quality time with each other and enjoy meeting other new parents. Specifically designed from birth to aid your child’s development, the program is packed with an incredible variety of sounds, smells, sights, textures, music, dance, signing and massage – and you’ll never experience the same class twice. For further details visit

Free Shipping applies to baby sensory products as they are pick up from class.