I met with Cecilla a few weeks before birth, we chatted about her last birth and also her hopes for the next labour. Baby number one, little Eva came early with Cecilia’s waters breaking three weeks before her due date, but because she was breech she ended up having a c-section.

With baby number two on the way very soon, and also breech Cecilia was really hoping that baby would turn before she went into labour so she could try for a natural birth this time around.     Cecilia was in luck and her baby turned in time before birth.

Suspecting baby number two will want to come early also I was expecting a phone call any day. At 4:00am on the 3rd of February my phone rang, it was Cecilia telling me her waters broke a hour ago and things were happening pretty quickly, we stayed in touch until about 6:00 am I decided to leave for the hospital.

When I got to the hospital Cecilia was using the shower to try and manage the pain, after many brave hours she decided to get a epidural, as the pain escalated quickly but dilation was not and she still had a long way to go. The epidural offered Cecilia some relief and a rest for a few hours before it was time to meet their baby. Ben was there by her side the whole time, offering support.

Ben and Cecilia didn’t find out the sex of their baby, but they were sure it was going to be a boy. ohhh the anticipation!

After a fourteen hour labour this little man arrived at exactly 37 weeks, 3 weeks early just like big sis Eva. And yes, it’s a boy! A emotional and touching first meeting, straight away you could feel the connection and bond between the new parents and their baby boy. He is Gorgeous!

Max weighed 3.92 kg’s which was a huge surprise, after anticipating a small baby from the last scan they had. The midwife in charge made the decision to give Max a few days in the nursery to make sure he was healthy to go home. Cecilia was making sure to see him as much as possible while he was in there. On day three the proud parents got to take their healthy boy home to get settled into their family.


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After Max got of hospital I got a little visit (and a cuddle), it was so special to meet the little man again after witnessing his birth….and look at how perfect he is <3 <3


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