Katie from Birdy Flower Photography shot the March edition of Haven Magazine. By her side she had a fab team, Sylist Blake Tobin, Que models supplied Wyatt, Scarlett and TJ, and hair and make up by Jessica Murry, our in house hair and make up artist in the studio.

With a cyclone on it’s way and torrential rain we sure had a challenge on our hands, but we all soldiered on to capture the shots.

There are some awesome articles in the magazine. In this issue they tackle some hot topics in the teen scene such as technology and how to find the right balance in your family for screen time vs. real time. Can you fit a selfie stick in your handbag? And how do all these filters and ‘fake’ photos affect our children’s thoughts of body image? Any free photo app can shave inches off your waist or take the red out of your eyes so how can you keep it real for them? Plus some tips for fulfilling your career goals if mainstream school isn’t the right fit.

To find a copy yourself go to most child friendly hangouts, or go to Havens web site and down load your copy, it’s free!  web // www.havenmagazine.com.au

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Just a few behind the scenes shots from the shoot, Katie shooting at Merrimac High school and Blake doing his thing at Push Expresso…check his work out at www.instagram.com/blaketobin

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