Finlay’s beautiful birth story

-Finlay Phillippa-           -3250g-                         -2:19am-Sunday 31st January 2016-

I got a text from Bec on Saturday telling me her waters broke at 12:45pm. Bec being a mother of 4 already, and her last labour only took 4 hours, I got into gear and organised myself to rush to the hospital. Bec being amazingly in tune to her body knew not much was happening too quick this time and decided to have a sleep and keep me posted.

Josh and Bec went to the hospital later in the afternoon and even though the contractions were not regular they decided to stay in the hospital until things did. 12:46 am Bec let me know they were heading down to the birthing suit and said “starting to get fun, ready when you are”

When I arrived Bec and Josh were very relaxed, Bec listening to her favorite music with her earphones on and plugged into the TENS machine. At this stage the bath for a water birth was getting ready and Bec was deciding if she was going to use it. I loved Bec’s attitude during the birth, laughing and joking in between contractions then going back in her zone when she needed to while having contractions, she looked up and me and said she feels like offering me a cup of tea, wanting to make me comfortable during her birth, what a gorgeous girl!

Dr Maneesh Singh arrived not long after me. Bec had told me how amazing he is as a doctor and I sure did see it. Bec and him were joking around in between contractions and made it so light hearted but he was so professional and supportive and you can tell they built a great relationship during the pregnancy which made Bec and Josh comfortable during the labour.

Josh was a great support, he knew Bec was more than capable of birth, knowing she is a super mum of four and has the amazing ability of knowing her body,  so he waited until he got the signal to start rubbing her back and holding her hands.

When it was time Bec knew she was close and decided to get into the bath, it didn’t take long until Finlay’s head appeared and she was born. With 2 girls and two boys already they left the sex a surprise this round, but Bec was certain she felt like the baby was a boy, so they were so surprised but over the moon to meet their new little girl.

It was the perfect birth. Great hospital and staff, everything went so smoothly and Bec made giving birth look like a walk in the park.

The song to their slideshow  “Hold on, We’re coming home” by Lakyn was the song playing in Bec’s earphones as Finlay was born, very special <3

Welcome Finlay! What a beautiful beginning to be a part of.

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