The Tran family came all the way from Adelaide (South Australia). Little Luka is the new edition to the family and loved by all. At only two weeks old I thought Phaedra and Lam were very game to take such a new baby on a holiday but after meeting little Luka, and seeing what a chilled out little man he is, I can see how they seem to travel with ease.

I was flattered that they put time aside in between their trips to Sea World and the beach on the sunny Gold Coast to come into the studio for newborn photography and family photography. Now that the family have their photos they are glad that they did. Each time they look at their newborn photography they will remember the small window of time that Luka was a tiny newborn and each time they look at their family photography they will remember the great time they had together as a family.

Big sis Kisa and big bro Kyo are chuffed to have a new little brother and eagerly jumped into the shots when they were called. What a lovely little family of five :):)

Tran family photography - newborn baby photography in purple cloth Tran family photography - brother and sister with newborn Tran family photography - dad with black tshirt cradling newborn baby Tran family photography - mum with brown hair in black shirt standing holding newborn baby on chest Tran family photography - mum and dads hands with newborn baby photo Tran family photography - newborn photography baby asleep in green bonnet Tran family photography - boy arms around sister lounging over seat Tran family photography - dad cradling baby professional newborn photography gold coast Tran family photography - natural newborn asleep in curled position Tran family photography - brother kissing sleeping newborn baby Tran family photography gold coast - black and white newborn photography asleep Tran family gold coast photography - professional newborn photography black and white baby asleep on back curled in wrap tran12 Tran family photographer gold coast - newborn asleep with headband wrap Tran family photographer newborn photographer - sister giving newborn baby cuddle in professional photography




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